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How it Works
The Lyghtning engine MATCHES Consultants to Projects based on Skills, Budget, Location, and Experience
ENGAGE on a Project through the digital execution of all documentation
Independent Consultants analyze, develop, configure, enhance, test and implement solutions to DELIVER for the Client
Track, invoice and pay for all hours worked utilizing the BACK OFFICE system
A variable RATING SYSTEM keeps both Independent Consultants and Clients accountable
Meet At The Consultant Community
Independent. Not Alone.
Ask a question, share a documents, offer support to a fellow consultant. The Lyghtning Community is here to support Independent Consultants during all project cycles, from Analysis to Implementation.
The improved Lyghtning platform gives independent consultants the opportunity to align within a "Community," and tap into the collective knowledge of their peers.
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Connect with the right Subject Matter Experts
Flexibility based on real-time requirements
Cost effective engagements
Why Clients use
Bridge staffing gaps by executing projects with skilled Independent Consultants
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Why Consultants Use Lyghtning
Flexibility in project work, location and schedule
Diversify experience
Maximize earnings by getting paid for every hour worked
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